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Installation for the PMA Biennial 2007, Portland, ME

The Endless Column is an 18 ft. tall column of miniature sweets stacked one on top of the other painted directly on the gallery wall.

From a distance the column appears as a modernist "zip", upon closer inspection it reveals a precariously stacked column of deserts, sweet frosted temptations piled on one after the other with no end in sight. Each desert rendered with the same care and attention as the one below. However, as the column reaches above the viewers' line of sight the piece denies complete access to the intricate detail. These sugary temptations appear perfectly within reach, when in fact they deny on every level. To pull one out to revel in its gooey goodness would inevitably send them crashing to the ground, the painted surface cannot be tasted and every intricate detail unable to be devoured by the eyes. A parallel of the human condition, a void fueled by satisfaction that cannot be filled.

This piece was created again in 2008 for Galerie Voss, Düsseldorf.

Endless Column Installation
Endless Column Installation
Gouache on gallery wall
1.5 in x 18 ft.